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Yellow Pages are still great for all service industries!

Myth: Nobody uses the Yellow Pages anymore.

Fact: Although usage statics can vary between rural and metropolitan DMA’s, the truth is adults over the age of 50 use the Yellow Pages about half the time as a primary resource in finding a business. Usage rates increase considerably as the age of the consumer increases.

Today’s customer can reach a business through multiple touch points and media options. Most media outlets would like you to believe that Yellow Pages is the last place you want to advertise. Here’s why they’re wrong...

  • Fact: 71% of print yellow pages users contact or visit a business after their search

  • Fact: 84% of print yellow pages users who contact an advertiser made or intend to make a purchase

  • Fact: 46% of print yellow pages purchases are from new customers

  • Fact: Your print yellow pages ad is always on 24/7/365 when a buyer searches


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